4 Graphic Design Pitfalls To Avoid



 As a graphic design company in San Antonio, Tx we see quite a few graphic design pitfalls, but there are four specific ones that you want to absolutely avoid.


While stock photos can be convenient, are easily assessable, and convey what message you are trying to get across, they can cheapen the general look of your project. It reflects that your company is limited in talent and creativity, and while that may not be the purpose of your company, first impressions matter.

If you appear limited in creativity, what else could your company be limited in? Stock photos are usually not high quality and often look forced; they are unable to capture the genuine article of your company and can put into question the success of your company if you are not able to provide real photos of your own. Statistically speaking, stock photos are less likely to be clicked on than real photos, as they are often pixelated and displeasing to look at.


Another pitfall is choosing too many fonts to go with your brand logo. Consistency is ideal in representing your company's name and information – too many fonts look messy and unprofessional. There are quite a few fonts that don't go well with each other, and the look of your logo could be lost simply because the pairing didn't work out.

Use one font that you feel comfortable with and stick with it to make it your signature look that is recognizable to clients who are searching for the services that your company offers. Additionally, some fonts can come across as childish or can be difficult to read, which reflects poorly on your company's marketing.

A good designer's work will create something that is easy for your clients to read and that looks visually appealing. Choose a font that is pleasantly spaced out, not too bold, aligned neatly, and is proportioned to your logo design.


Don't make the mistake of choosing color schemes that don't pair well with what your company represents. For example, you would want to work with hues of blue for pool cleaning services because it can be easily equated to the pool water – you would not normally choose the color yellow.

Color schemes are an integral part of accurately representing your company to your target audience. Using colors that clash will not represent your company well. Instead, choose your colors carefully and research which colors go together if you are using more than one. The font will tie in here as well, as the colors and font need to come together cohesively for the final, polished touch.


Finally, do not create a design that is similar to your competitors. There are a few reasons not to do this, the first being that it gives the appearance that you were unable to think of your own marketing scheme and could be labeled as the "knock-off" brand.

You eliminate business for yourself if you limit your marketing strategies to what you have already seen in print – your aim should be to create something that has not been seen yet so it stands out. Design confusion can lead to misrepresentation issues, as clients may think that you are offering the same services your competitor is offering or even a division of theirs.

Look to make your designs stand out against the competition and brand content that is constantly being pushed out to better market your business.

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