Brand Matters

                            What does your brand say about you?

As search engine algorithms change and social media and smart phones play a more important role in search, what your brand says about your business is becoming increasingly important. When you're looking to drive more traffic to your business's website, it takes more than just an SEO campaign to be visible to your audience. Brand building as an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy can be the difference between being on page one and page ten. 

Search Engines Have Changed Their Approach To Delivering Content 

Search engines such as Google and Bing want to deliver search results that users want. Users want relevant search results that have a trust factor.

Search engines constantly gather data to figure out how people search. While keywords remain a core component, several other factors influence whether users consider a link useful. Recent reviews and the company's response to reviews contribute to trust. Even if your site isn't number one on the search results page, users may choose it over the top spot because they're familiar with and trust the company it leads to.

What Is Your Brand Identity?

You don't have to be household name or mega corporation to create a brand. In fact, small business branding can yield significant benefits. Most people think branding is just a logo or slogan, but it is much more than that. Your brand identity is what sets you apart from the competition and gives you a unique identity in your market space. It is important to have a consistent brand look and message. You want your brand to reflect on the excellence of your business and your brand personality. Your brand should differentiate you from your competitors.

How Does Branding Influence Consumer Choice?

The goal of branding is to create a unique identity and look for your business that can be used on business cards and letterhead, websites, marketing collateral, products, packaging, social media and every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns in a consistent and professional manner that properly reflects your business. Research shows that people are more likely to become customers of a business they identity with, a concept called brand alignment. They're also more likely to develop loyalty and return to a business they are familiar with and feel connected to.

Can Branding Help With Your SEO?

Brand loyalty transfers over to internet searches, social mentions, and positive reviews. When presented with one link from an unfamiliar source and another from a familiar source, users generally click the familiar source. That's brand loyalty in action. As more people click on your link, the search engine algorithms pick up on it. More clicks tell the search engines that more people find this link relevant, which can make it move up through the ranks. This creates a cycle where the higher your link ranks, the more traffic you receive, and the more traffic you receive, the higher your link ranks.

Are You Leveraging Your Branding for Better Search Ranking?

Your brand becomes the identity of your company. Your customers connect with your company on different levels through multiple brand touch points.Companies that are professionally branded from their early stages tend to see their investment pay great dividends in the long run. What is your brand saying to your customers?

Article by Bob Cates, Co-Founder & CFO for Boerne-based Ten Peaks Media, a full-service advertising and marketing creative agency.



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