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Clean up Your Website Content

Without quality content, you have little chance to be found by search engines or show up in search rankings. Google algorithms look for SEO-friendly formatting. Content that is unique to your site should be created with the user experience in mind. You cannot fool Google by stuffing irrelevant keywords into your content. It must be relevant to your reader and your titles must match the content. The success of your website depends on quality content that is fresh and relevant.

Having a strong digital marketing strategy is essential in avoiding a brain dump, better known as a content landfill. Too much information, too little information, or unappealing visuals can deter potential clients away from your website. Learning the difference between the two is the first step in cleaning up your website content, as well as understanding the process of content creation.

Do Your Research 

An overload of information can cause your content to be flagged as spam, and too little information gives the impression that your business didn't put any time and effort into your marketing. Meet with your marketing team and get a definitive idea of how you want your business represented. Clearly outline the services or products you want to portray.


Know Your Brand Voice

The next step is applying appealing visuals to compliment your verbiage. Your brand colors are an obvious application, but that being said, take a good look at your chosen color scheme. An assortment of colors that don't blend well together will make your content look too busy and cause a potential client to be disinterested. Your colors and distinctive language should be memorable, informative, and visually appealing.

Create Original, Compelling Content 

In addition, your content should be original. Create content about your product or services, or blog post that can be easily differentiated from other companies. Avoid repetitive content and instead, use your original content to connect with your target audience. Avoid any clutter and bear in mind that quality is far more important than quantity.


Content Creators Should Always Focus on the User

With that, ensure that your business content focuses on appealing to people, not to what you think Google wants. Humanize your content and make it relatable. Trying to create content to fool Google will not work, and it takes out the personal touch your business should offer.

Every piece of content you post is permanent. If you are posting fresh content so that search engines continue to crawl your site, and that content is written to provide valuable information to users, you are creating long-term value for your brand. For effective content marketing, it is more important than ever to have a content strategy in place to stay competitive.

Start de-cluttering your landfill today!


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