Market Your Business Through Instagram Customer Posting

Instagram is an awesome platform to market your business. But did you know that a great way to market your business is through a customer's posting? Whatever product or service your company offers, a customer's Instagram post reflecting their praise and review will draw more traffic to your site.

Something important to note is that a customer's posting also does one very important thing for your company: it humanizes it. Humanizing your business brand builds trust and credibility.
Because your company's Instagram posting has limited viewing to those who choose to follow the account, a customer's Instagram post broadens your potential client scope by allowing that customer's friend list to view it online.

Your Customers Validate Your Brand

At times, it may seem as though you are cluttering your business's Instagram page. This is another great way a customer's posting helps - they are your unofficial marketing team that does a great deal for your business. While having a company Instagram account has great benefits, customers like to see photo postings from other customers. The idea that the product or service they view on a company site and what they actually receive can be different often is eliminated by a high-praise Instagram post.


How Can I Get Customers To Market For Me On Instagram?

How do you get customers to market for you? For one, you can keep track of customer that follow your account and see if they have made posts about your business. If they have, reach out to them and ask if they will tag your business. In addition, you can re-share (with the customer's permission) their photo on your Instagram page. When customers see that you re-share photos, they will be more inclined to post their own. 

Be Proactive

Encourage your customers to share their experiences online. Some business offer incentives for doing so but know that your business is not expected to do so. Instead, you can create a contest for "best photo" or something along those lines to generate interest. 

In addition, create a hashtag that you and your customers will use (i.e. #tenpeaksmedia – feel free to create a catchy phrase as well!) to refer other customers to your website and business.

Keep It Simple And Easy

Lastly, make sure that it's easy for customers to share their photos to your page, or tag your business. Look into your privacy restrictions – maybe customers have been trying to tag your business, but your settings have prohibited them from doing so. Start getting your customers to work for you too today!

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