Is A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Right For My Company?



Look For a Good Fit and Strong Client List

When hiring a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), consider that you are not limited to local marketing companies. You want to find a Virtual Marketing Officer that fits in well with your company and has a strong client list, as this is an indication that they are up to date with all new digital marketing platforms.

"We started the virtual marketing director, or CMO program, four years ago to serve the specific needs of companies looking for the experience of a C-level marketing executive, but who lacked the budget to hire a full-time corporate executive. It's been wildly successful for the businesses we partner with and opened up an entirely new way to do business as an advertising / consulting agency," says Josh Cates, Ten Peaks Media Founder.


What Does a Virtual Marketing Officer Do?

A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer's responsibility is to ensure that all your marketing efforts and marketing communications are working in unison and that you have true performance metrics to measure success and adjust as needed. This can include, but is not limited to, oversight for your website design and management, SEO, Google My Business and local search, paid media management and research, market research, email marketing campaigns, graphic design, and content creation and deployment for your social media platforms.

Everything that you delegate to your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer is set-forth in a strategic marketing plan, deployed and optimized to market your company and generate leads. Another benefit of using an outside marketing director is that you eliminate the "climbing the ladder" or "yes-man" mentality. Our goal is to serve you, the business owner, not worry about office politics.

Can My Business Really Benefit From Using an Outside Marketing Director?

While a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer has multiple clients that they are managing, consider that this is an advantage to you. With years of experience, they are prepared for anything and are able to adapt to any changes you may want to make on your marketing platforms. They will have options for you to choose from on marketing style, approaches, and tone, which are all important factors to work on when promoting your company. Access to a variety of companies and industries means sharing ideas and new technology benefits the whole.

For flexibility purposes, having a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer is ideal. They will meet the deadlines you require and can conform to your scheduling needs while being extremely affordable to your bottom-line compared to an expensive in-house hire. This frees up your time, focus, and alleviates any additional stress, as you now have someone who is dedicated to implementing all of your ideas and will offer fresh perspectives.

At Ten Peaks Media, we take your delegation as CMO and build a strong marketing platform for you and your company. We started our Virtual Chief Marketing Officer service in 2018 and it's been very successful for the companies we serve. They not only get the benefit of a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur but also the full creative team at Ten Peaks Media, allowing those "to do" lists to be "to done!"

Call Founder Josh Cates at 830-388-8110 to learn more about our VCMO program and let's start something great together!


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