Is Your Website Design Functional or Does It Just Look Pretty?


Test your knowledge: What's the difference between a Website Developer and a Digital Strategy Expert?

When looking at your website, ask yourself what is it doing for your company? Does it look pretty? Great. But does it work for your clients, and is it easy to navigate? Clients enjoy a visually appealing Website Design, but they also want one that functionality is not too complex and has the information they are seeking readily available.

Colors, fonts, images, and content need to suit your brand and provide a high quality user experience.

You may have a web design company that can make a pretty website, but do you know what questions to ask about the design element and how this site will help your organic search rankings now and in the future? Many web development companies do not have any in-house design and development professionals who fully understand organic and paid strategy, SEO, metadata, SERP and other critical things you should consider as part of your professional website build. A pretty website is useless if no one sees it.

At Ten Peaks Media, our CFO and Director of Digital Strategy will have a pre-production meeting with you and your team before we even begin to design your website. Then while we are making it look great and function well, our digital team will be hard at work on the back-end where all the critical work happens.

Then once your new website is ready to deploy, you can rest assured that we have an entire digital strategy in place and a website that's ready to get found online. UTM tracking, pixels, conversion events and tags will all give you the reassurance that any data you want to track will be in place and actionable!


What should be included in your website design?

All your company's information: how your company started, meet the team, contact information, and the services your company offers need to be neatly categorized for users and provide keyword rich pages. Your Website Design should also be SEO optimized and provide navigation links to your social media platforms. Search engine optimization should be top of mind for all landing pages.

Expert website design will also contain marketing tools such as UTM tracking codes and pixels that allow you to track users, measure the effectiveness of your website and web pages, and develop a re-marketing plan to stoke interest and foster leads. Finding a healthy medium between simple and complex is ideal for Website Design; too simple means that your marketing strategy is not strong, and too complex means that users will be deterred from using your website.

"A huge focus for successful web design is accessibility. Those soft pastel colors you're using may look lovely, but do they pass the contrast compliance test? Design with your users in mind." 

Lauren Stewart, Ten Peaks Media Creative Director


Website Design should ensure that you receive engagement from client leads.

Two concepts to keep in mind to accomplish this are the responsive and adaptive models. The responsive model handles how easy content moves on different platforms, while the adaptive model works on how content is laid out depending on the platform it is used on, a monitor screen or on a cellphone. You want your Website Design to maintain the functionality and visual appeal regardless of what device it is being used on.

At Ten Peaks Media, we know what works for Website Design. With over sixty years of combined experience, our team will be with you at every stage to guarantee that your brand reflects everything you stand for.

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