Marketing your business during the COVID-19 crisis

Temporarily closing your business, facing the potential of laying off employees, or having to re-structure the way you do business is stressful for any business owner as well as their customers and employees.Marketing during your temporary closure will help maintain a strong relationship with your current customer base, encourage the development of new customers, and help ease your business back to work with a full schedule. In uncertainty, there is opportunity. NOW IS THE TIME FOR STRATEGY – NOT RETREAT!

Website Tips:

With many of your competitors stepping out of the arena, now is the time to strategically position your business for success when the market stabilizes.

  • Conduct a full site audit to see what needs to be fixed.
  • Update your site to reflect temporary closure, change in hours, or change in services.
  • Maintain your SEO efforts to keep your organic search optimization high. Slowing down on SEO can have big organic repercussions in the long run. Search Engine Roundtable saw a 30% drop in top rankings from stopping all SEO efforts. Plan for the long term.
  • Keep your website live and updated as the longevity of the site is important for Google rankings.
  • Pause pay-per-click and Google AdWords during your closure, unless you are specifically targeting emergency care to the general public.
  • Take time during this temporary closure or slowdown to audit the content on your website. Write unique content and update images if needed.
  • Focus on your homepage and navigate through the site as a customer might. Verify and optimize your SERP features for each page.
  • Check every link in your website to make sure they are visible and robust, including links to Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media Tips:

  • Don't just post COVID-19 updates. Throw in uplifting and fun messages through your social media channels.
  • Let customers and users know how they can contact you.
  • Keep your hours updated on social media.
  • Post pictures of owners and staff showing what they're doing at home, encourage your followers to do the same.

Remember, shelter-in-place orders are prompting a higher social media engagement from people searching for social connections. Facebook reports the use of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have seen 17x their average traffic during this crisis.

Google My Business Tips:

  • Use the new COVID-19 post feature to keep your site updated.
  • Make sure you keep your hours updated or mark your business as temporarily closed.
  • Google is as overwhelmed like all of us, so please be patient. Some changes take time to go through.
  • Do not neglect your weekly posts and image uploads.

Stay engaged with your community and customers. Build trust, stay empathetic to what people are going through, and be REAL. Look for ways to serve your community. Brand loyalty will probably be more important than ever once we all have the opportunity to return to whatever the new normal will be. Position your company to succeed once shelter-in-place orders are removed. The last thing you want to do is start over building your brand's presence in local and Google search.

Stay safe and stay well. We're all in this together.

Team Ten Peaks Media

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