Ten Peaks Media has been stressing the importance of every business keeping their Google My Business page updated and having an ongoing strategy to utilize the tools available to ensure your company shows up in local search results. It's low hanging fruit for most businesses.


An interesting trend is developing in our research as we prepare March reports for our clients. As expected during this COVID-19 crisis, overall website traffic across the board is down. What we didn't expect was the increase in website visits, requests for directions, and phone calls generated by mobile (Google Maps) search.

Here are our averages based on our managed Google My Business clients. Total mobile searches from February to March dropped by an average of 22.88%. However, website visits from these searches increased 25.07% and driving directions increased 3.32%. The biggest change came in calls. Phone calls to the businesses we manage increased 115.83%.

For our team at Ten Peaks Media this is further evidence of the importance of keeping your audience informed and engaged with Google My Business posts and updates, and ensuring you are keeping your business hours and COVID-19 update posts accurate and current.


We all have many challenges right now. No one could have ever imagined what business owners are facing during this crisis. We hope our blogs help business owners navigate these uncharted waters. Together, we will emerge stronger and more united.

Stay Safe – stay well – flatten the curve!

The Team at Ten Peaks Media

Marketing your business during the COVID-19 crisis
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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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