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If you're a small business owner, attracting customers is the lifeblood of your success. Competing with large franchises and corporations for customer attention can be overwhelming. You need to master Google My Business.

Google My Business was launched June 2014 and is quickly becoming the most efficient tool available to a small business owner.It helps consumers looking for a product or service you have find you in their search. Most of our clients are seeing 60% to 70% of their traffic coming from Google Maps and only 30% to 40% coming from traditional Google Search. More than one-third of all mobile searched are location based. This gives the small business owner the ability to compete with large corporations on equal footing without the high cost of paying for keywords to be found.

Mobile searchers often ask questions like "best lunch near me." A properly optimized and maintained Google My Business page lets you compete with larger corporations for qualified customers searching in your area. More than one-third of all mobile searches are location-based. In a recent survey, 82 percent of smartphone shoppers reported conducting 'near me' searches and over 90 percent of survey respondents also said they were likely to click on the first set of results.

It's easy to see why Google My Business is such an important tool. What may be surprising is how economical it is.No pay per click, no competing for keywords, just a good local posting strategy implemented consistently to keep your material fresh and relevant and the ability to embed all your images with geo-tags and meta data making your information easy for Google to find and understand.

Utilizing all the tools available in Google My Business is our #1 recommendation for any business that depends on local search for new customer, patients or clients. If you need help, we specialize in Google My Business management. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your business.

In our next article we'll discuss the importance of Google My Business posts. Until then, wishing you great success in 2020. 

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Thursday, 24 June 2021

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