Website Design Is More Complex Than You Think


Website Design Has Many Moving Parts


While there are many areas requiring technical consideration, there are also areas that require a strong creative plan and strategic marketing. Beyond the aesthetics, how functional your Website Design is will draw in leads and generate traffic for your company. Prior to launching your Website, take these concepts into consideration.


1. What Is Your End Goal?

Here are things you need to consider before launching your website.

  • What is the client demographic you are trying to appeal to?
  • Are your services clearly outlined and explained?
  • Does your Website Design differ from your competitors to notably stand out?

Working with your website design agency to ensure that everyone has the same end goal in mind is vitally important. Know your conversion goals and understand how to design your website and content for conversion optimization.


2. Content Creation

Now that you have those questions answered, the next question is what content is going to go into your Website Design? During your content creation processes, make sure to have all blog posts, photos, and videos geared toward the product or service you are selling and your desired client demographics interests. It needs to keep the users' attention with its creativity and valuable information.

Make sure not to overload your Website Design – too much clutter looks unappealing, and the functionality can get lost in the mess. Remember, a user should be able to easily access the information they are looking for. If you get stuck at this point, don't panic. Content creation and the customer journey are some of the most difficult tasks when designing a new website. Your website design service should be able to assist with these tasks.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Along with your content creation comes search engine optimization SEO. Good Website Design starts with keyword research. Each piece of content should have keywords and phrases that will increase your search ranking factors on Google with a goal to reach page one in search engine results pages.

To know this, you need to see what is popularly searched on google – what questions are being asked, what is needed by the user demographic – so that you can apply the right wording into your content for a strong Website Design. Expert content creators will also know how to craft content that will aid in link building for your website and how to conduct the appropriate keyword research.

"We always have a strategic goal in mind for every website design we build. I start with a strong SERP title and description followed by H1 and H2 headings that will create strong on-page SEO, giving our clients the best opportunity to rank on page one," says Bob Cates, Director of Digital Strategy at Ten Peaks Media.


4. Brand and Message

While there are so many other moving parts, your brand and message have to take priority. Your Website Design should clearly reflect your brand identity and the company's message.

"A website redesign is a great opportunity to build your brand style guide or refresh an existing style guide to give clear direction for your web developers and team," says Josh Cates, CEO of Ten Peaks Media.

The right color schemes, creative wording, and a memorable logo are all things that clients will look for when visiting a web page. Just as importantly, include a call to action. Whether it's to follow your company's social media accounts, the main phone number, or an email, make sure that it's included on your Website Design in a desirable and easily accessible place.



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Thank you for checking out our blog. We hope you enjoyed it and ask that you please share it.

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