Why Social Media Management is Not a Side Gig


First, it is important to understand what a Social Media Manager does on a daily basis. While covering posts for the popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest, Social Media Managers also research what the needs of the clients are, as the needs can often change. A perfect example of an abrupt change in buyer demographics happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the need for digital marketing became a necessity for companies, as the virtual world began to grow in normalcy. Having Social Media Management in San Antonio, Tx would help in situations like this, because the focus is to make sure they roll with whatever changes come their way. If you are sensing a decline in the services you render, Social Media Management can provide you with statistics that explain why, and what changes should be made in order to keep the success of your company sustainable.

Images, videos, and blogs are the main methods a good Social Media Management company uses to promote you and your company. All the editing, logo-imprinting, and creative writing are basic processes that they work through throughout the day, to make sure that these methods will lead the target buyer demographic to your website. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Because the digital marketing platform is growing, there is a potential issue of posting similar images, videos, or blogs of other companies. This is where Social Media Management comes in, to break the redundancy and create content that is unique to your company. This also means breaking redundancy in your own content. You don't want to push content that looks similar to something you posted just days ago. A Social Media Manager creates images, blogs, and videos that can be differentiated from previous postings, and in doing so, your content is less likely to be regarded as annoying spam.

Now, while it's critical that a Social Media Manager maintains the needs of the client in their focus, it's also their responsibility to properly market you and your company. What your brand represents, how you want to come across – as conveying personalities through social media can be challenging – what your background is, what makes you qualified, etc. Because companies are being reduced to run completely virtual, clients rely on your marketing to get a feel for your company and who you are. If you are represented in an unrelatable fashion (maybe too high-end/snobbish), they will be disinclined to work with your company. Social Media Management works to deflect issues like this and make conscious efforts to maintain the credibility and likability of you and your company.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Social Media Manager works to resolve client mistakes, and can give you valuable feedback in how to avoid similar complaints in the future. If your company has different divisions, Social Media Managers will connect your prospected clients with the page on your site that is most appropriate to meet their needs, eliminating the "please hold while we transfer you" line. As stated before, Social Media Managers stay attuned with the needs of the client, and if they see that your services are not reaching a healthy demographic, they will work to identify what is hindering your company for progressing. They will provide you with statistics and give you advice on which services you should expand, and which are not as high in demand. This information is received by noting which content is being most looked at. Is this certain blog being read? Is this image being liked on Facebook? Social Media Managers look into these details to get a better idea of what the clients are interested in, and what best appeals to the target audience's eye.

So, why is it important to post on a daily basis? There are two main reasons. One is so that your company is the first company that comes to a client's mind when needing your available services. A Social Media Manager will have created a memorable logo or media presence that clients will easily recall, thus resulting in gaining their business. The second reason is that you want to be able to have an open channel with your clients, prospected and current. Because the digital marketing world is growing so quickly, more and more platforms are being created, and you may not know about all of them. Social Media Managers look into which platforms have risen in popularity over others, so that your content is always available in the most looked at and commented sites.

Convenience is key for clients, and if they can get a question answered by one of your blogs or posts rather than having to call, it shows them that you are well aware of what they need, and that you value their time. On the flip side, some content is created for clients to contact your company, and for the clients that prefer to speak with someone over the phone, you can still thank your Social Media Manager for providing the information needed for that conversation to happen. They are the essential "heard but not seen" individual that keeps the flow of communication with your clients steady.

So, now that you see what it entails to be a Social Media Manager, it's clear that it isn't a side job. All these moving pieces require a sharp, consistent eye. While your attention may be pulled in different directions, a Social Media Management company works behind the scenes to make your company leave a lasting impression in the digital marketing world. Keep this in mind: Each day that passes without a strong digital marketing presence is a day you may have lost a potential customer. If you are feeling out of touch and are unsure if your marketing presence is dated and irrelevant, hiring a Social Media Management firm would be an excellent strategic move. Staying relevant, relatable, and properly marketed are the basic tools for success, and a Social Media Manager can ensure you are well-equipped.

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