2019 Holiday Planning for your Facebook and Instagram boosted posts and events

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How should you approach buying on Facebook? The goal should be to reduce the number of ad sets and let Facebook pool more conversions together and make better decisions for you based on customer engagement.

By running too many ad campaigns, Facebook dilutes the data, thus actually hurting your ads. The goal should be less ads, larger audience, greater value to the ad copy and creative you're putting out to potential customers.

The "Facebook signal" is what funnels their "AI machine learning system", meaning Facebook is getting better and better at selecting the audience that is most likely to engage with your business, while you leave the audience a bit more broad. Note: It is still extremely important to geo-target your areas properly and setup your headline and supporting copy for carousel advertising.

So…What Should I Do Special for Holiday Advertising?

Careful with this question! At the end of the day, the top companies do best by following their normal best business practices. If you've been advertising on Facebook and Instagram this year, you should know what works and what doesn't. Apply these rules to holiday advertising. Don't overthink strategy. Stick with what works.

What are gifting strategies for 2019? When are the days and dates that customers are most likely to purchase?


Current trends show that consumers will start buying earlier this year. Many of our Ten Peaks Media client campaigns will start delivering in mid-October this year. Analysts are also projecting purchase rates to be higher this year.

Where should my ads send people?

Two main options are either "CALL NOW" action buttons or "SIGN UP / LEARN MORE" buttons.

Be careful that the message you're sending with your ads correlates to the landing page you are driving people to.

EXAMPLE: A local jeweler runs an ad campaign directed towards men buying engagement rings for their fiancé. The landing page these ads push to should expound on the benefits and reasons for purchase, geared towards this male audience. The biggest mistake a company can make is to advertise a specific ad campaign, then send the user to their homepage. It can really leave the user hanging and frustrated, causing a high bounce rate and penalties with Google search.

In summary. Here are a few tips for best practices for your holiday ad campaigns:

  • Put strategy and budget in place and DO NOT change them.
  • In this busy time of year, it can take Facebook more time to re-set the campaign, costing valuable time and lost time by placing your ad back into the "learning" phase of Facebook.
  • Build creative and use Facebook "stories" to their full advantage.
  • Look back on 2018 and ask "What did we do good? What did we do bad? What did we not do? What did we miss?"
  • Instead of setting up your campaigns with a daily budget, you're better off to set a lifetime budget down for the "season" and let Facebook set spend to meet that limit.
  • Finally, remember your ad campaign is only as good as your graphic design.

Article by Joshua Cates, Founder & Creative Director for Boerne-based Ten Peaks Media, a full-service advertising and consulting creative agency.


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Citing evidence and data from Facebook LIVE business conference September 25, 2019

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