Every business owner has heard about Google algorithm updates. Google makes thousands of updates, with approximately nine updates a day since 2018. Many of these are patches that go virtually unnoticed, while others devalue pages that play the system. Some can have a major impact on your SEO efforts.

Why do search engines update algorithm software? They do it to yield better search results that fit what users are looking for. Your business's success is not Google's primary concern. Rather, they are focused on consumers, their own, many of whom also happen to be yours. Most Google algorithm changes reward high-quality, high-relevance content with better rankings and identify and punish spammers and sites with stale content.

Google typically keeps updates secret because they take the stance that great content should drive search engine results, not catering to the algorithm. If creators know too much about the Google algorithm, they can cheat the system with cheap tricks. This can water down user experience.

So how do most businesses know when a new update has gone into effect? They don't, but they start seeing changes in their search rankings. The only way to know if an algorithm change impacted your rankings is to look at hard data on your site. It can take days or weeks for this change to show up, but with accurate data, you can identify any major effects and plan a comprehensive strategy to pivot and boost your listings.

What should you do to protect your business from Google algorithm updates? You cannot anticipate or try to prepare for an update, but by creating great content on a consistent and strategic basis you may actually benefit from Google algorithm changes.

Google works beautifully when managed properly. The goal is to make your content discoverable so Google translates your services properly – thus driving more relevant users to your content via search results. By making certain search engines can find and automatically understand your content, you are improving the visibility of your website for relevant searches. Are people finding you on Google? Find out right now with our SEO Report Card. It's free and there's no obligation. Call us at 830-388-9749 or click the link below for your free SEO report card. 


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