Google Has Added a COVID-19 Update Post, Starting To Mark Businesses As “Closed”

Ten Peaks Media continues our effort to keep our local business community informed about Google changes during the COVID-19 crisis. If you haven't read our last blog "How To Manage Google My Business (GMB) Listings During COVID-19" now would be a good time. It contains updates important to every business.


Google just added a new posting tab option, "COVID-19 update." USE THIS – it is important that you update your business hours, information, closed dates, etc. so that Google does not make assumptions for you. Yesterday I began to receive emails from Google with the email subject line "your business has been marked as temporarily closed." As stated in our previous post, based on business category Google is beginning to mark some business as closed. Some of these were also based on closed dates I had posted under the special hours section of the info tab on GMB. The email allows the business to review their current GMB information, and then confirm if the changes are correct. If you don't confirm your information, Google will mark you closed. IMPORTANT NOTE – keep this email in your file because it also has an available option to mark your business as open once you can re-open.

I received this updated information from our Google Gold Certified consultant that is a great Q&A with Google about COVID-19 updates from Google that started yesterday.

Q: How do COVID-19 Posts differ from regular Posts on GMB?

A: COVID-19 posts would appear more prominently on your business page, allowing customers to more easily understand the current status of your business and how you operate during these times.

Q: What is the length of time this will display on the listing? I would assume Google will display this throughout the entirety of COVID-19 issues, but it's not clear. Are you able to confirm?

A: COVID-19 post type will be available for 14 days. We might adapt to different lengths based on the ongoing status of COVID-19.

Q: I would love to know how long these will stay posted. Also, will they be in front of other posts? Or if another post is made will they be pushed back?

A: COVID-19 posts will immediately appear on the post carousel and "Updates" tab on this Business profile. We are working to make COVID-19 content appear in an even more relevant way to consumers (this is not part of today's launch). On consumer surfaces, COVID-19 posts will be live for 14 days. We might adjust the duration based on ongoing events.

Operational norms are changing daily with Google, just like with every other business during this crisis. Based on changes in state and local orders yesterday I had to edit one Colorado clients GMB hours and COVID-19 post 3 times yesterday. It is a moving target for all of us and important we know what Google is doing and stay ahead of the curve. We hope this information helps keep our local businesses informed and current. Ten Peaks Media will keep you updated as we learn more. We will get through this together.

If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 830-388-9749.

Stay healthy and flatten the curve.

The Team at Ten Peaks Media

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