Ezra Guerra

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Ezra is a devoted designer and a passionate artist. At an early age, Ezra fostered an immense desire to inspire others through creative outlets, and he constantly pushes himself to fulfill that calling. He was raised in a household that encouraged innovative behavior, which allowed him to enter the business world with a fresh perspective on bringing clients’ visions to life.

Ezra’s attachment to graphic design grew organically. Creating a few promotional posters soon became a deep appreciation for the art behind the message. He has had the honor to design on a wide variety of projects, including album artwork for various musical artists, event posters and flyers for small businesses, and multimedia graphics for corporations and influencers. He has collaborated with successful financial coach, Dani Johnson, and is the Design Director for the 1910 Worship band. His experience with graphic design began with minimal software like Over and has since evolved into an affinity for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you ask him which project was his favorite, he’ll say it was the one he just finished.

A Texas native with a passion for travel, Ezra loves to spend his free time exploring, capturing photography, composing music, and writing short stories.