Notes Live

Colorado Springs, Texas & Oklahoma

From Start-Up to Superpower: Inside the Phenomenal Growth of an Entertainment Behemoth

Notes Live stands as a haven for music and entertainment enthusiasts. As one of the fastest-growing entertainment and hospitality companies in the United States, they’ve pioneered a novel category for investors. This opportunity allows individuals to own a luxury fire-pit suite and participate in the world’s most opulent outdoor music venues, with the added benefit of earning returns from these venues’ profits.


Brand Strategy & Consulting



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Venue Developer



Creating a cohesive brand.

From The Wall Street Journal and Billboard magazine to Variety and Venues, Notes Live is renowned for its luxury outdoor music venues and entertainment campuses, as well as established entertainment complexes, including Sunset Amphitheaters, Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern restaurants, and Boot Barn Hall live music venues.

The brief was to create a cohesive brand, from tone of voice to developing a consistent visual presence across all customer touchpoints: website, advertising, and marketing collateral.

Step One

Establishing a brand voice.

Creating a strong brand tone of voice plays a pivotal role in marketing and communication, serving as the art and science of crafting compelling written content to persuade, inform, or entertain a specific audience. With multiple target audiences, from investors to restaurant and concert guests, the importance lies in the copy’s ability to convey information that resonates and compels them to take desired actions.

Step Two

Building a visual presence.

Building a visual presence with thoughtful design and compelling graphics has elevated Notes Live marketing and advertising. All communication is cohesive, consistent, and visually appealing, enhancing brand recall and fostering reliability. Exciting imagery tied in with iconography and bold typography engages customers, differentiating the company in a competitive market and ultimately contributing to the overall success and longevity of the brand.


Creating a publication.

VENU Magazine was the brainchild of JW Roth, Notes Live Founder, and CEO, to tell hundreds of thousands about the companies’ story and engage with new and existing investors and guests.

With over two decades of extensive publishing experience and expertise, transforming this concept into a globally recognized publication was an easy ask for Ten Peaks.

In collaboration with Notes Live, we successfully developed a magazine in under ninety days, establishing a robust platform that currently yields millions of dollars in leads and fosters new business engagements with investors, companies, and corporate sponsors for Notes Live. 

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