August 30, 2021

Holiday Sales Predictions for 2021

2021 has been an unpredictable year so far, but with the market opening back up, there are quite a few speculations on what to expect this holiday season. What will be the needs of the market, and is your company prepared to take on high demands? Here are some holiday predictions for 2021 to get ready for. 

Getting ready for splurging 

Tis the season to be greedy! Now that in-person shopping, eating, and outings are slowly becoming normalized again, the market will develop a taste for more. You can expect the holiday market to be full of splurged expenses, based on people’s wants, not needs. Spruce up your company’s services to be geared toward this market trend. If you’ve not started your holiday advertising plan, you are already behind! At Ten Peaks Media, we start planning with clients in early August to allow for time to build the graphics, shoot the photography, conduct the audience research and set the budgets. If you need help last minute, reach out and we are happy to help with your 2021 holiday advertising plan!

Identify the wants of the market

Think of everything people have been deprived of since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travelling was restricted, going out to eat was not allowed for a time, and online meetings became the norm of every Monday morning for most companies. As people return to their offices, make dinner reservations, and prepare to travel abroad, their wants are sure to fall under the following markets:

  1. Retail – Shopping for new wardrobes, jewelry, and shoes. 
  2. Traveling – The need for luggage, traveling containers, and sporting goods will be in high demand. 
  3. Home supplies – Social gatherings call for more home décor, silverware, dinner plates, and cocktail glasses.
  4. Home renovations (Technological and Interior Design) – The need for change is real! People will want to update their homes with new furniture, color schemes, and electronic systems. 
  5. Hair Salons – We all want to forget those lockdown haircuts. Hair stylists should ready their scissors for corrective hair coloring and cutting. 

What should you do to prepare?

Even though times are still waveringly unpredictable, your company should be prepared to take on this holiday season. Each one of your employees should feel the support from the company so that they feel comfortable supporting and promoting the services your company provides. Organize your employees into effective teams and test your communication systems for quality. Remember not to get too comfortable with in-store experiences – remain prepared for any changes that can make the transition to online easier. 

Now that you are aware of which trends are expected to be popular this holiday season, see where your company can be plugged in to be a part of the upcoming demands. 

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