May 19, 2023

How to Write Email Marketing Content that Converts

If your company is like most other organizations, you have an email list you use to share promotions, new products, and relevant information with your customers. Email is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to reach clients. If your email marketing content is original and engaging, you’ll likely see high open rates from your subscribers.

However, marketing emails aren’t always easy to create, especially when you send several emails each week. You want to keep the quality of your emails high to keep you top of mind.

This article provides tips to help you improve your email marketing strategy and increase conversions.

Use Compelling Subject Lines

Most people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails each day. Reading them all would take lots of time, so most people cherry-pick the ones they read according to who sent them and the content of the subject line. To improve the chances of a customer reading your email, you’ll want to make your subject lines irresistible.

For example, consider an e-commerce company selling women’s clothing. A subject line like, “New Spring Arrivals Now Available” probably won’t stand out. However, one that reads, “Freshen Up Your Spring Wardrobe with Our New Lineup — Now 25% Off” would give your reader a reason to open your email.

Keep Your Email Short

There are few reasons to send an email longer than 500 words (tops). Unless your message is highly relevant to the recipient, they’re unlikely to devote their time to reading an overly lengthy email.

If your email consists mainly of text, break up the paragraphs so it’s easily scannable. Include a few key points you want the reader to take away from the email, and provide a few relevant links they can click on if they want further information.

Incorporate Story Lines

Include a few examples illustrating your key points to improve comprehension of your email marketing content. Examples help to explain your message further and make it more memorable.

For instance, consider a dental practice that sends an email about the importance of regular dental checkups. Their email could provide a hypothetical example of a patient needing three costly (and painful) root canals after failing to visit the dentist for several years.

Open Your Thesaurus

Since email marketing messages are short, including compelling words and phrases that drive home your communication points is crucial. Whether you’re describing a product, service, or location, you’ll want to include sensory words to help the reader visualize your content.

Before sending your message, read it several times to see if you find it compelling. Replace common words with descriptive adjectives. For instance, instead of “big,” you might use “massive.” Similarly, “well-mannered” conveys more meaning than “nice.”

Ten Peaks Media Offers Comprehensive Email Marketing Services

If you’re finding it hard to draft compelling email copy regularly, it’s time to turn to a full-service email marketing agency like Ten Peaks Media. We’ll tune up your email marketing strategy and implement new processes that help you resonate with your subscribers.

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