July 15, 2022

How Businesses Sabotage their SEO Efforts

Smart people end up sabotaging their Search Engine Optimization SEO by following best-practice misconceptions that will negatively affect their search rankings instead of taking small, essential steps to avoid this. Negative search rankings will begin to dimmish your online presence, but by becoming aware of these issues ahead of time, you have an opportunity to fix what is hurting your SEO.

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, it is incredibly important to regularly produce and schedule content for all your social media platforms. However, quality is what makes content king – not quantity. Quality content builds your credibility, establishes a clear brand voice, and allows Google and other search engines to promote your content in local searches. Excessive content production gives the impression of spam, so make sure your content schedule is followed consistently.

Avoid Over-Optimizing Keywords

Keyword optimization is typically an excellent resource for search rankings, but when overused, your content is at risk to be scanned as spam by Google and other popular search engines. Spread your keyword optimization evenly throughout your content and website to avoid over-optimization. On that same note, make sure that the keywords you have selected are ones that you fully understand – do not apply them simply because they were suggested by a SEO optimizer. Do the research and apply keywords in the correct areas of your content and website.

Redesigns and Redirects

If your business is going through a redesign strategy, do not forget to check your redirect links in your content. Are they still functioning properly? Is the redirection taking potential leads to the correct part of your newly designed website? Unworkable redirects run the risk of being flagged as spam (or in some cases, scams). Be thorough and double check that your content’s functionality is in correspondence with your redesigned website.

Forgetting to Analyze Results

Relative content changes almost day-to-day, which means your content game needs your constant focus to keep up with market demands. Keep track of which content proves to be more successful and engaging than others and build a marketing strategy that continues to promote similar results. Forgetting to regularly analyze results can cause your content to be out-of-touch and dated, prompting search engine optimizations to overlook your business.

Consider User Experience

Apart from visual appeals, recognizable brand/logos, and quality content, consideration of user experience should come first. The current market is all about convenience, which is why digital marketing is an essential strategy for your business to utilize.

All the services a client needs should be a click away, as well as all answers to any questions that they may have. Contact information should be clearly displayed on your website, and there should not be any incomplete pages being portrayed.

Publish your website only when it is fully completed, not when it’s in its development stage. Incomplete website design reflects poorly on user experience and can once again cause search engine optimizations to avoid promoting your company.

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