February 15, 2021

5 Things to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Company

5 Essential Questions

There are five essential questions you should ask when hiring a Digital Marketing Company in order to ensure a cohesive, successful relationship.

1) Who are their current and previous clients?

The first question is to ask who their current and previous clients are, and how that experience is relevant to your company. Versatility in clientele reflects a strong Digital Marketing team that is able to adapt quickly to different concepts, services, and style. It also shows that they are experienced in communicating with multiple target audiences, which is a great indication that they will help streamline concise communication for your company. See if they work in one general demographic area, or if they work in multiple states. If the Digital Marketing Company typically only works for one type of client, it may signify that they specialize in select areas and may not be the right fit for your company. In addition, you do not want to hire a Digital Marketing Company that is working with one of your competitors, as that can lead to a conflict of interest, and other possible liabilities. In looking at their list of clients, look to see how the Digital Marketing Company helped boost their business. Do you feel that the sites are conveniently accessible for clients? Note what styles you like and which you do not, so when it comes time to write the contract, you will be prepared to provide specifics of your expectations. Do they have experience across multiple marketing channels and have they demonstrated success with paid media advertising services similar to those you need, such as PPC, text ads, display ads, and custom landing pages?

2) Who is on their team?

The second question to ask is who is on their team, and do they outsource any of their products or services? You will want to get to know the key team members of the company, not only to get a feel for compatibility but to know who works in what area, so that you’re aware of who to go to when you have a question. Ask yourself if the team is relatable and approachable. You will be working with this team on a regular basis, so ensuring that your communication flows well is a great building block for a harmonious long-term relationship. In getting to know the team, see how the company breaks down its responsibilities. Is there one person doing each thing, or do they work as a cohesive unit or both? Make sure to note how well the team gets along with each other, too. This is of equal importance because teams that get along with each other produce better results.

3) Check certifications and current technology used.

Ask to see their certifications and their use of current technology. These are indications that the Digital Marketing Company is attuned with the current trends and knows which platforms to market your company on. Not all marketing companies are certified – which should signal a red flag to you. Certified Digital Marketing Companies have proven that their team is skilled and knowledgeable in online marketing, building a custom audience, producing ad copy, and reporting results in pay per click advertising.

4) Understand the contract terms.

You will want to understand the terms of the contract. Digital Marketing Companies work with you to assess your level of need and create a schedule that conforms to that. This is a great opportunity to create a contract that delegates how long you will be working with them. 6-12 months is the industry standard. Additionally, use this time to outline any content you are looking for with specified deadlines. Promotions, events, and social dates should be shared at this time, so the team is aware of when to market them. Be as specific as possible – things as simple as preferred color schemes are essential for a Digital Marketing team to get an idea of what you are expecting of them, and what things they should avoid.

“We have unfortunately seen instances where other agencies bill their clients directly for both the management fee and the paid media fee (that fee which is paid on a credit card directly to Google Ads or Facebook Ads). In our professional opinion, if this practice is in place, the client should ALWAYS demand that a monthly receipt of the ads purchased is presented from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to confirm that the money is actually going to buy the paid media,” suggest Bob Cates, Ten Peaks Media CFO and Director of Digital Strategy.

Provide the demographics for the prospected clients you are attempting to draw in so that the content your Digital Marketing Company produces is relative. Discuss what will be required of you. Should you want consistent input in the content that is being produced, don’t forget to note that when it’s time to sign a contract. Conversely, if you prefer to take the backseat and have minimal input, let them know that too, so they won’t persistently contact you for your approval. Work with the team to see how often you want content pushed out, and when.

5) Can they work across all platforms and provide full marketing services?

Lastly, make sure to ask what comes with hiring their company. Do they just work on social media platforms? Ideally, you would find a Digital Marketing Company that covers all the bases: Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing/Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and Content Marketing. Marketing on only one of these platforms is a disservice to your company; you want to be noticed on all platforms and search engines for prime results. You will also want to test, test, test. While Facebook might be good for one company, you might find Google Search is better for yours. It will be important to test and then pivot to the platform producing the best results for your company. Additionally, keeping your content consistent is key across the board, and a Digital Marketing Company will help you in doing so. Hiring a Digital Marketing Company will make your content easily recognizable, contain the information linking clients directly to your company, and ultimately boost your business.

At Ten Peaks Media, we have a detailed onboarding process that addresses all the essential questions and ensures a successful launch and results for your Digital Marketing service. Let’s start something great together!

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