July 14, 2023

4 Ways Colorado Springs Businesses Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Their Email Marketing Strategy

One area where artificial intelligence provides significant advantages is email marketing. You can incorporate artificial intelligence into parts of your email marketing strategy to save time and increase your open rates.

Here are a few ways to use artificial intelligence in email marketing campaigns.

1. Draft Your Subject Lines

Crafting the perfect subject line for your email can be tricky — you want to optimize subject lines to increase your open rates but not drift too far from the content inside. Some companies personalize their subject lines, including the recipient’s name, to make the email more appealing.

If drafting email subject lines isn’t how you prefer to spend your time, artificial intelligence can speed things up.

Tools like Phrasee can instantaneously create effective email subject lines for your content. You can select between the available options and pick the one you like the most.

2. Create Email Copy

Some Colorado Springs organizations, particularly e-commerce companies and retailers, send daily marketing emails to their subscribers to encourage sales. However, drafting a daily email is time-consuming, so many organizations use artificial intelligence to make the job easier.

An artificial intelligence platform can quickly draft the content of your email and create text that’s compelling to read. Some tools can personalize your copy, including the recipient’s name, in the opening paragraphs of your text in a way that feels natural.

Using artificial intelligence for your email copy will undoubtedly save you time. It will also help you maintain customer relationships when you’re too busy to write a genuine email.

3. Time Your Emails for Improved Open Rates

Not everyone checks their email at the same time. Some people are too busy to check email before work and wait until their morning break to log in. Others log into their email minutes after waking up and frequently check their accounts throughout the day.

Artificial intelligence can quickly pick up on your subscriber’s email habits and send messages when they’re most likely to pull out their smartphones or laptops. Timing your emails according to your recipients’ habits often leads to higher open rates, improving your chances of conversion from your email’s contents.

4. Use Artificial Intelligence for Targeted Campaigns

Hopefully, you’re not using blast emails in your email marketing strategy. Blast emails involve sending the same content to everyone on your subscriber list, regardless of their interactions with your company. Instead, you should modify your emails to align with your recipient’s behaviors.

Artificial intelligence can quickly segment your customers according to their demographics, visits to your website, prior purchases, and social media engagement. One of the best email marketing platforms is Campaigner, which incorporates all these features. With Campaigner, email optimization is a breeze.

Save Time and Increase Conversions by Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Virtually any business can benefit from incorporating artificial intelligence into its email marketing efforts. Aside from saving you lots of time, you’ll also increase your open rates and conversions.

Contact Ten Peaks Media today to learn more about using artificial intelligence in email marketing. We’ll help you craft the perfect email marketing strategy for your Colorado Springs business.

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