March 29, 2021

Paid Media Management Can Help You Dominate The Competition

Give Your Company More Exposure and Attract New Clients

Paid media provides a boost for your company on all the major social media platforms. Whether it’s an event, a service your company provides or marketing your company in general, paid media widens the audience who will see the post. A digital marketing company will develop a paid media strategy that provides Paid Media Management that is beneficial for you if you are looking to give your company more exposure and generate more clients.

Paid Media is a Blend of Art, Science, and Data

The most popular media platforms are Facebook and Instagram ads, YouTube video ads, Google keyword search ads, and Google Display ads.

“Paid media is a blend of art, science, and data. No longer should the ad just look good, but it should target the right people. We start by performing an audit of the audience our clients want to attract through our in-house on-boarding strategy. From there, we define the target audience and A/B test different ad sets and marketing channels. Finally, we review the data with each of our clients monthly or quarterly and make pivots to their spend.” Tyler Noe, Director of Paid Media for Ten Peaks Media.

Do You Know Your Customer Journey?

Customer Journey or Customer Attribution is the common term used for paid media. In a nutshell, this is an understanding of how the customer comes to learn about your business, journey through their discovery, fact-finding, and vetting of your business, then eventually becomes a raving fan of your business

How Does Paid Media Work?

Let’s look at an example of how digital marketing and paid media works: A local golf course is hosting an event on a certain date. The paid media management team has a digital strategy and has already done the research and knows the type of audience to target. This is based on interests, age, demographics, and Geo-location (proximity to the golf course). Based on the digital marketing strategies, they might deploy a Facebook event page with all the registration info, a Facebook and Instagram video ad, social media marketing, email marketing, and even a Google event and blog about the event on the website.

Do You Want to Dominate Your Competition?

If you want to become the first option above your competitors, look into Paid Media Management. It’s an aggressive and proven tactic when deployed effectively. Spending is at an all-time high on Google and social media platforms. Are you in the game or watching from the sidelines?

At Ten Peaks Media, we provide your company with Paid Media Management to boost your business’s presence to broaden your client list. Our agency currently manages over $3 Million annually and our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients to make sure those funds are used effectively and with a solid return on the investment.

Call founder Josh Cates at 830-388-8110 to learn more about our Paid Media Management and let’s start something great together!

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