December 10, 2021

5 Ways To Create A Website Design That Converts New Customers

We all know that quality website traffic is critical to your business success

A quality website design is much more than pretty graphics and colors. Your website should be a powerhouse that works hard behind the scenes, constantly delivering new leads to your business. So how does that happen? We’ve put together five easy steps below that are the roadmap to success for how our agency builds websites that succeed!

Creating content that converts

We see content as the big miss for most clients who hire our agency. This miss falls into two categories. First, there simply might not be enough content, which penalizes your website and simply doesn’t give Google enough information to believe you are credible. Second, the content on your website does not match what your customer or patient is searching for.

You need to target one primary keyword and its variants, then write great content to rank in the search engine results for your target audiences. A great blog post is useless if the words don’t match up with what people are searching for and looking at in their searches- so make sure those phrases show up on relevant pages of your website!

You should target one primary keyword and its variants to give search engines something useful that will help them find relevant results when someone searches Google for a product or service you provide. The user experience should always be top of mind in web page design or blog post content.

At Ten Peaks Media, we have staff writers and utilize artificial intelligence along with historical Google search data to write high-quality content. Through our methods, you will have rich content that covers the right keywords for your business and provides Google with all of the information users are searching for based on their best practices.

Control your brand with a comprehensive brand guide

Whether it’s your website, email marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, or social media announcement, a brand guide defines your company’s colors, graphics, look, feel, and tone of voice.

Making certain everything your company puts out ties into a cohesive experience makes for a consistent message every time. Your brand guide should be the starting point for all of your marketing tools.

A lot of business owners don’t think about how important it is to not only have internal guidelines but also external guidelines for their online presence. This creates a professional appearance each time and provides that all-encompassing “voice” for their business.

The homepage navigation should be well thought out and easy to navigate

The homepage is the first thing your customers see when they visit your website. If it doesn’t grab their attention and lead them towards what you want them to do (schedule an appointment, purchase a product, make a phone call, etc.), then you’re not going to get those conversions you desire.

Another crucial element is to set up proper tracking, so as you deploy paid media for your company, you can track what is generating the top leads. As a full-service website design agency, all of our websites include setting up tracking pixels, Google tags, and call tracking so that our clients know exactly how customers or patients are finding their business.

TIP: A lot of companies make the mistake of trying to cram too much information on their homepage, which ends up confusing visitors and turning them away from taking any action at all. Our professional website designers and developers at Ten Peaks Media have the expertise to build a beautiful website design that converts and helps you in planning a well thought out menu and navigation flow.

Making SEO (search engine optimization) a main priority in your website design

Once your design is locked in, it’s time to get to work on building out your SEO (search engine optimization), a step often overlooked by agencies that offer only website design. Not to be too hard on our colleagues out there but designing a website versus using a full-service agency like Ten Peaks Media are two totally separate approaches.

When you hire our team, our Director of Digital Strategy works on your content, SERP, metadata, and keywords, and will research historical search data related to your industry or service so that your beautiful design matches up with smart content that converts!

Building a website design that is mobile responsive

Google switched to mobile-first indexing for all websites starting September 2020. The use of a mobile-first index means Google primarily uses the version on your website that is optimized for viewing in this format, rather than one designed with desktop computers in mind.

Mobile-first indexing is important because most online pages are now accessed on mobile devices. Mobile-first indexing helps to ensure that Google serves up content in a way that best matches how searchers view the web. Again, the priority is user experience.

Next steps to creating a website design that converts

In order to create a successful website design, you need to focus on the important elements that will make your site stand out from the rest. The website development team at Ten Peaks Media helps brands create engaging content that will attract their target audience.

Our web development team creates a wide range of original and unique websites all custom built on the WordPress platform, original articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and other mediums for businesses looking to get their message across in a way that resonates with their audience. Ten Peaks Media can help you achieve your business goals with our personalized approach and attention to detail.

Receive a free marketing audit and learn more about our website development services by contacting us today at 830-388-8110.

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