June 7, 2021

Do Google reviews really matter? — A Case Study

Review scores are an important signal for Google

Review scores are an important signal for Google and contribute to over 15 percent of how Google ranks a local business according to a recent Google Local Ranking survey. It’s going up every year and shows the increased value Google is placing on reviews.

The question we frequently hear is “Do reviews really matter?” Here is a case study from one of our clients showing the importance of Google reviews. Receiving Google reviews and responding in a timely fashion to Google reviews is of equal importance. In just the first month we saw dramatic results

In a recent blog, Understanding Local Search Marketing In San Antonio, TX, we discussed the importance of reputation and review monitoring in increasing your visibility in local search.

Does a strategic plan to ask for reviews work in San Antonio?

​Prior to Ten Peaks media providing review and reputation management services to this client, they had not received any Google reviews from June 2020 to April 2021. Using the client’s weekly customer list, we launched our program to request new reviews automatically via SMS text and email requests in May 2021. In our first month we got eleven 5-star reviews and responded to those customer reviews within 48 hours. Again, the response is just as important as receiving the review. It demonstrates to Google that you are engaged with your customers.

How did Google review management help with User views?

Every business knows it is vital to build your online presence. As a result of implementing our reputation management service, user views on Google Maps increased 392% and User views on Google Search increased 228% in the first month.

Will this marketing strategy generate more business?

The chart below shows the increase in user actions – driving customers to visit your website, request directions, or call you. These are the metrics that are easy to track and important to measure the success of adding review request and review responses to your marketing strategy in San Antonio, TX. Website visits increased 169%, request for directions to the business increased 1,200%, and calls increased 500%.

Can implementing a reputation and review program increase your local search results in San Antonio?

Finally, you can see the increase in Local Search results as a result of starting to get consistent reviews and responding to those reviews. In just the first month, local search by name increased 677%. Local search by category, which is the most important because this captures users looking for a product or service you provide, increased 185%. Your goal should be for local shoppers or clients to be able to find your business when they are looking for products and services you provide.

As with all of our services, results can never be guaranteed. However, this is a great case study that demonstrates the value of implementing a consistent, strategic review management program for a client who provides a great product and value to customers. Those customers happily provide Google reviews when requested. The quality of product and customer service did not change, Ten Peaks Media implemented a custom strategic plan to ask for reviews and make it easy for the customer to respond. The results speak for the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

Benefits of Google reviews

Here are some quick facts about the importance of receiving on-going positive reviews online:

92% of consumers now read online reviews.

40% of consumers form an opinion after reading just 1 – 3 reviews.

44% of consumers state that a review must be less than a month old to be relevant.

A businesses star rating is shown to be the #1 factor in choosing a business.

Revenues have shown to increase when a business is rated 4.4 and above.

In today’s connected society, you cannot afford to ignore your online reputation. Ten Peaks Media is a leader in the market for reputation and review management.

Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation. We will evaluate your current social media and review status and suggest a program developed specifically for your business.

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